1. Hannes Riepler / Mick Coady / Chris Draper

    Hannes Riepler runs the superb Vortex Jam Sessions - nights which have seen the likes of Soweto Kinch and Django Bates show up to play. His own playing combines the immediacy of New York’s propulsive Downtown style with classical and folk textures.

    Tonight he’s joined by Mick Coady on bass and Chris Draper on drums.


    For Intersect Hannes Riepler / Mick Coady / Chris Draper will play at the Vortex at midnight


  2. George Crowley

    George Crowley is one of the most prominent new voices among the sea of burgeoning creative musicians living in London. Equally adept at both saxophone and clarinet, he is instantly recognizable by his expressively direct tone and infectious improvisations.


    For Intersect George will play at the Vortex Downstairs at 4pm


  3. Fumi Okiji & Olie Brice



    Vocalist Fumi Okiji and double bass player Olie Brice explore the area where traditional jazz meets improvisation: the outer reaches of standards interpretation and improv.



    For Intersect Fumi Okiji and Olie Brice will play at the Vortex Downstairs at 5pm


  4. Klavikon:

    KLAVIKON reimagines ‘electronic’ music without the use of conventional processes - no loops, no laptops, no synthesisers or drum machines. Instead, pianist Leon Michener employs a unique system of amplified prepared piano and broken guitar pedals. Augmenting the 88 keys with found objects and his own inventions - a custom made pick up, a robot dog - he delivers cascading batteries of percussion, ferocious sub-basses and abstract soundscapes. This amalgam of virtuosic classical technique and real-time analogue sound processing is at once connected with the dancefloor idiom of Detroit Techno pioneers and the musical traditions of Stockhausen and Cage. The result is an uncharted sonic territory, sincere in it’s eccentricity, bold in it’s statement, resisting easy categorisation.
    Klavikon will be performing at SJQ

  5. YONI SILVER / bass clarinet 

    Yoni Silver is a multidisciplinary musician, bass clarinetist, saxophonist, violinist, composer, improvisor and performer. An active player in the Israeli contemporary, noise and free improv scenes, Silver has performed with musicians such as Birgit Uhler, Damon Smith, Alex Drool, Wolfgang Fuchs, Steve Noble, Grisha Shakhnes and others. He is a member of the International Hyperion Ensemble lead by Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram, and is also an avid solo performer. 

    As composer and arranger he has written for and collaborated with Ilan Volkov in Tectonics Tel Aviv 2013, the Israeli Contemporary Players, the Israeli Philharmonic, the Tel Aviv Soloist Ensemble, radical documentary director Avi Mugrabi, artist Gilad Ratman for the venice biennale 2013 etc. Silver’s instrumental style is a combination of an explorative approach towards the sonic capabilities of the instrument, with an aesthetic drawing on noise and sound-evolution oriented approaches such as spectralism.


  6. STEVE NOBLE / drums 

    Steve Noble is London’s leading drummer, a fearless and constantly inventive improviser whose super-precise, ultra-propulsive and hyper-detailed playing has galvanized encounters with Peter Brötzmann, Derek Bailey, Matthew Shipp, Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith, Stephen O’Malley, Joe McPhee, Alex Ward, Rhodri Davies and many, many more. 

    In the early eighties, Noble played with the Nigerian master drummer Elkan Ogunde, Rip Rig and Panic, Brion Gysin and the Bow Gamelan Ensemble, before going on to work with the pianist Alex Maguire and with Derek Bailey (including Company Weeks 1987, 89 and 90). He was featured in the Bailey’s excellent TV series on Improvisation for Channel 4 based on his book ‘Improvisation; its nature and practise’. He has toured and performed throughout Europe, Africa and America and currently leads the groups N.E.W (with John Edwards and Alex Ward) and DECOY (with John Edwards and Alexander Hawkins).

    "Unrepeatable moments of collective inspiration and sudden sunlit shafts of modal near melody punctuate the continuing energy blur." Stewart Lee, The Sunday Times

    Steve Noble plays in a trio with Rachel Musson and Julie Kjaer at Cafe OTO


  7. SEYMOUR WRIGHT / alto saxophone 

    “Saxophonist Seymour Wright has emerged as the most important saxophonist of his generation… [He] shows a command of the saxophone which in contrast to most ‘non-idiomatic’ playing – cynically translated as ‘make your saxophone sound like anything other than a saxophone’ – has deep roots in a tradition of playing that goes back to Frankie Trumbauer, Coleman Hawkins and Willie Smith.” - Brian Morton 

    Seymour Wright website 

    Seymour Wright plays in a quartet with Ross Lambert, Paul Abbott and Guillaume Viltard at Cafe OTO


  8. ROSS LAMBERT / guitar 

    Northern Irish (and London-based) guitarist and ‘magnetic and vibrating sources’ player Ross Lambert, has in his own words, the following fundamental and simultaneous approaches to live performance: to play as though it was both the first time and also the last; and to able to differentiate between what is good and worth conserving and what is not. Ross has been involved in, initiated and been a connector between a very wide variety of improvisatory music since his first exposure and (immediate) commitment to it, in Sheffield via Derek Bailey during the mid-1980s. Although under-recorded (he claims ‘by choice’), Ross has worked with a huge number of musicians from around the world, including Tetuzi Akiyama, Ami Yoshida, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Paul Hession, Rhodri Davies, John Butcher and Evan Parker, as well as his close friends Eddie Prevost, Seymour Wright, and Sebastian Lexer. 

    Ross Lambert plays in a quartet with Seymour Wright, Paul Abbott and Guillaume Viltard at Cafe OTO


  9. RACHEL MUSSON / tenor saxophone 

    Rachel Musson is a saxophonist, improviser and composer living in London. She is involved with a variety of improvisation projects, one of which, a trio featuring Liam Noble and Mark Sanders, released the album'Tatterdemalion' on Babel Label in March 2013. Rachel is also working on two duo projects, one with Danish saxophonist Julie Kjaer and the other with bassist Olie Brice. She has also written for and recorded with her own band, Skein, which released a highly acclaimed album on F-IRE Records at the end of 2010. She was picked by BBC Jazz on Three to perform at Cheltenham Jazz Festival last year, and in the same year was nominated for a London Jazz Award. She has performed with Alcyona Mick, Liam Noble, Gail Brand, Olie Brice, Federico Ughi, Mary Halvorson, Sebastian Rochford, among many others.

    "Musson’s unusual blend of a melody-building lightness with a raw, free-jazzy multiphonic palette… ought to make her a hot ticket" - John Fordham, The Guardian

    Rachel Musson plays in a trio with Julie Kjaer and Steve Noble at Cafe OTO


  10. PAUL ABBOTT / drums 

    Paul Abbott has been a quietly innovative presence in London’s improvised music scene for the last few years working with electronics and self-built instruments before more recently dedicating a good part of his energy to the radical potential of an unadorned drumset, notably as one third of lll人 with Seymour Wright and Daichi Yoshikawa - a trio that recaptures free jazz’s original ability to simultaneously shock, confound and delight. 


    Paul Abbott plays as part of lll人 at Cafe OTO